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An innovative integrator and solution provider, specialized in identity and access management, directory services, identity, federation, risk-based and multi-factor authentication techniques, enterprise application security, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance. Our expertise in implementing identity and access management solutions from leading vendors have enabled our clients to possess a robust IAM infrastructure that has a reduced total cost of ownership.

IAM Solutions

Our customers have benefited from our expertise in application integration with access-control products to achieve single sign on both within and across enterprise boundaries, including risk-based and multi-factor ....more

Directory Services

Our deep understanding of LDAP directories have enabled our customers to deploy and maintain highly available and scalable, geo-dispersed infrastructure spread across multiple data centers around the world....more

Mobile Security

With the growing trend of increased usage of mobile devices and BYOD at the enterprise level, we understand the importance of security requirements, without compromising usabilty. Our consultants have ....more

Authentication & SSO

Our practitioners have established deep credibility with our customers in this area. We have some of the best subject matter experts in the SSO/Authentication space allowing our customers to simplify ....more

Identity Governance

We provide a holistic solution for enterprise identity management operations through defining identities, administering identities and creating a governance structure for managing identity governance....more

Web Service Security

Our Web Services Security practitioners has expertise to help organizations address the host of security concerns that the continuously evolving web services standards are introducing daily ....more

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Our Vision

To empower our customers with innovative and cost-effective ways to design, implement and maintain their IAM solutions in a mix-and-match environment.

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